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As many Health and Nutrition Coaches I experienced first-hand the healing powers of nutrition and healthy lifestyle changes. 

At a young  age I suffered  from severe anxiety, what caused digestion issues, nausea, bloating, abdominal pain, low immune system, constant colds and infections, low moods and problems to gain or keep weight. As that wasn’t enough after pregnancy I was diagnosed with PTSD and IBS. My  anxiety skyrocketed, I was constantly depressed and I suffered from  panic attacks,  emotional eating and binging. Later on I developed severe food intolerance. After I landed in the hospital for the third time I decided that have to take a different approach and stop this ones and for all. 

I started studying  alternative medicine and nutrition. It changed my life, my health started to improve, I felt incredible and fell in love with sport again. Keen to continue learning about the science of nutrition, I decided to enrol at the world number one nutrition specialist academy Precision Nutrition.

 My mission is to  help others to transform their health  using my personal experience and  knowledge about nutrition. 

12 weeks Ultimate Weight management program

Does any of this sound familiar?
You feel uncomfortable in your own skin?
You feel desperate and just don’t have willpower?

The number on the scale isn’t going down….. Its going up?
Would you like to regain control of your eating habits so that you can lose weight?

Have you ever wondered why you struggle with weight loss? You start to eat healthy and go to the gym with the best intentions, but somehow you end up skipping a day, and then you are back to square one, with a few binge meals in between.

This is because weight loss is about eating a healthy, balanced diet and exercise but the most important part is your mindset – your motivation, drive and determination when things get hard. With a successful and focused weight loss mindset you will succeed.

12 Weekly Consultations over 3 months

1 hour Initial Consultation Online, 12 x 60 minutes Online Consultations via Zoom or FaceTime

Personalised diet plan

Complete health, body and lifestyle analysis

Weight Loss Mindset Coaching

Accountability and unlimited support

Simple to Follow Recommendations to Help You Form New Habits

Personalised Supplement Recommendations (if needed)

Personalised Lifestyle Recommendations (if needed)

Make your body happy

Affordable, easy to follow programs

Talk to me

Contact me to find out more, ask any questions you might have.

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