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Where it all started

Iryna's journey

Through love to fitness, wellbeing and passion to help others in their fitness journey Iryna became health and wellbeing coach with unique tailored approach and connection to each of her clients. From her own rocky fitness journey she deeply understand every challenge along the way.

Been super skinny as a teenage, struggling to put on weight, then becoming 22 kg overweight after pregnancy, battling with depression and desperate to get in shape, she tried many fad diets and extreme training. Some worked and some just sent her into self-destruction with binge eating and hours of cardio..

This emotional and physical exhaustion journey, inspired her to create a sustainable and easy healthy lifestyle formula.

Every day Iryna helps people around the globe re unite with their body, finding a healthy balance in every day stressful life. Become healthier and fitter.

Latest blog posts

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